<a href="http://www.eric-struelens.com/basket/basketball-sport-salle.htm">Le basket en belgique</a> <a href="http://www.eric-struelens.com/basket/archives-journaux-sportifs/article-presse-sportive-01.htm">Le basket</a> <a href="http://www.eric-struelens.com/basketball/animation-sport-en.htm">Site officiel Eric Struelens</a> <a href="http://www.eric-struelens.com/basketball/basketball-sport-salle-en.htm">Le basketball</a> <strong>But here, a certain Mr Bosman gained in justice for the authorization to be able to play outside your country. I had not finished the play-offs yet that my agent received propositions from European teams. I threw my reserved on the French capital, and another challenge was waiting me. The beginnings were difficult with the team that there build(Sciarra,Risacher,J.R ReidÖ)After the first round, the team cut the coach and replace him by the assistant. The second round was impressive, we win 15of the 16 games and we were prepared for the play-offs. The end of season finish with the title of the French league, I thanks the small group of fans witch had come to support me in the last game. The newspapers elected me M.V.P of the European player and I was very proud of that award. The second year was less mery, we had a very good coach (Malkovic) but the chemistry didnít work out. We when out after the first round of the play-off against Limoges and I wish to leave the team because I had proposition from the best European club: Real Madrid. After many discussion between the clubs there found an agreement and I was leaving Paris to go to the Spanish capital. What a change, itís 100% pro.No close to washed, no carrying bags on travel, only be there on time and play your game or practice. The first year was almost perfect, we play a good regular season but we lost in the semi finals play-offs against Seville. I didnítít had to wait too long to win the Spanish championship, it was done the second year I was there, and we win the title in the court of the big rival F.C Barcelona on the fifth game. I was so happy; 7belgians titles, 1french title and now a Spanish one, what can you have more except a N.B.A title or European title. I finish my contract in Madrid two years later with no title and now Iím in Gerona. Itís totally different. The ambition of the team is different. Play in the A.C.B is very important that Catalan squad. My first was with up and down but the most important was to stay in the best league of Europe. We had some good wins, home against Valencia, away against Malaga and against my ex team Madrid. Now I will try with my team-mates to put Gerona in the top 8, that will not be easy but it should be given each year a new goal to be able to continue and keep always a great motivation even if the objectives are different.</strong>